What Are Some of The 2020 Wedding Trends To Consider

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What Are Some of The 2020 Wedding Trends To Consider

A wedding is easily one of the most exciting events in a person’s life. So, why not have one that is beautiful and memorable. The prevailing circumstances around the world should not dampen your mood. If anything, they could transform your entire planning process for the better. You are no longer bound to the “status-quo.” Neither do you have to bow to pressure from family and friends. This time, you get to hit the reset button and decide how everything works.

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Each year, wedding experts give their thoughts on wedding trends. They are often based on recycling the past and the patterns that came to exist from it. But what happens when we’re in unprecedented times? With all the current changes, which trends are still viable? Let’s see:

Green Vibes

Sustainable weddings are on the rise and we’re here for it. Consider “upcycling” your wedding, by committing to zero waste or a reduced carbon footprint. A lighter version of this 2020 wedding trend includes resetting a family stone or heirloom engagement ring, repurposing ceremony florals, sourcing locally grown food or hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability…

Micro Weddings

This wedding trend is by invite only—think 40 people or less. But like any exclusive party, a celebration of this kind delivers big. The budget per guest is higher, which means your very nearest and dearest are treated to bespoke touches, elaborate meals (tasting menu anyone?) and tons of personalization. This style soiree is perfect for introverts or people hoping to celebrate with a smaller group of loved ones… Read more at The Knot…

The temporary shift from physical to virtual weddings has changed the ballgame completely. This may feel like new territory and you may want to wait it out until you can invite your bunch of friends.

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However, if you and your fiancé agree, you could still have a beautiful micro wedding. The following wedding expert explains how to make those critical decisions.

Best planning advice: “Talk it out! Talk to your fiancé and families (both) about priorities for the wedding to make sure you acknowledge all of the priorities before major decisions are made,” she recommends. “It is often very challenging to please everyone but acknowledging priorities from the get-go can help from a relationship perspective. Also, identify the key decision-makers for the wedding and include them on all initial big decisions. This will make the planning process from engagement to marriage run much more smoothly.” Read more at Brides…

The last thing you need as you plan your wedding is conflict. So, taking a proactive approach to involving people who matter the most is something you need to consider.

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As a bride, there are some decisions that only you can make. One of these is your wedding dress. After all, you’re the one to wear it. You need to enjoy being in it and feel comfortable too. What are your trending options?

Trend #3: Fit-to-flare shapes

When addressing the fit of this year’s collections, Holloway stated that “a soft A-line is definitely a trend right now.” She explained that it is “a softer look that highlights the shape, yet still brings in a little bit of fullness in the skirt.” So the big question? What does that mean for ballgowns? Per Holloway, we won’t be seeing as many of them in 2020. She acknowledged that “I don’t think a ballgown is ever out, but it’s just not as prevalent. I think that a softer silhouette that still shows the bride’s figure is really key right now in bridal fashion.”

Trend #4: Statement earrings

After following this season’s collections of aforementioned designers, Holloway predicts that statement earrings, a trend of 2019, are here to stay. “I love when a bride changes from their heirloom antique jewelry as their something borrowed and then they put on an amazing dramatic piece of jewelry, like the large flower earrings from Lele Sadoughi’s line, as their something new.” Read more at The Every Girl…

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