Your Wedding Dress Neckline Can Flatter or Flop Your Look


Your Wedding Dress Neckline Can Flatter or Flop Your Look

Maggie Sottero, style Emery: Decorate yourself with glistening crystals and vintage inspired beading in this showstopper of a wedding dress (pictured above). Gorgeous Swarovski crystals highlight the bodice of this decadent tulle ballgown. They will never forget you in this gown. Available sizes 0-28. Available colors: White, Ivory, Ivory/Nude (pictured).

Neckline Lowdown

How revealing or how conservative do you feel your neckline should be for your wedding style and venue? For instance, are you a fan of showing some cleavage or not at all? Whatever your response to the question, there are a wide range of wedding dress styles to choose from at New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh.

Oftentimes, brides-to-be have an idea of the bridal gown design and fit they are seeking — until they actually try on a garment. Then they realize that some of the detailing — the neckline, for example — isn’t quite right for their special day. Our suggestion is to keep an open mind and try on lots of styles while you search for “the one.”

To learn more about neckline designs, check out the following article:


Also known as a boatneck, this neckline features a wider opening at the neck.


A neckline that features sheer fabric or lace along the top part of the bodice. Similar to a strapless but with more coverage.


This modern neckline (also known as asymmetrical) features just one shoulder strap.


This neckline is rounded in the front, but falls lower than a jewel neckline. See more at Wedding Wire

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Morilee, style 3206: This breathtaking tulle wedding dress with exquisite beaded embroidery is a Fit and Flare Mermaid. The dress is highlighted by a sweetheart illusion neckline and criss-cross fabric detail that sets the glamour level to 100. Available in plus sizes: 16-32. Available colors: White, Ivory, Ivory/Champagne.

Why the Neckline Matters

The styling of your wedding gown at the neck accentuates your face, shoulders, chest and even back. It is essentially the starting point for evaluating the features of your wedding gown. Ensure that you have all of the options available by trying on a variety of wedding dresses with different necklines. Then, decide on the best bet for your frame.

Read more about the importance of selecting the right wedding gown neckline in the article below:

Of the various features that you have to choose carefully in your wedding dress, the neckline is an important one. The right neckline should highlight your facial features, flatter your figure and balance out the proportions of your chest with the rest of your body.


This neckline cuts across the chest, drawing focus to your shoulders and arms. It looks best on brides with well-toned shoulders and arms, and are medium-chested. Avoid this design if you have a large chest as it further emphasizes your bust proportions. Similarly, if you are small-chested, it doesn’t really help to add any curves to your figure.


One of the most popular necklines, the sweetheart softly follows the contours of the bust and dips in the center. It is often seen on gowns without straps, and it emphasizes the decolletage and shoulders. This pattern elongates the neck and torso, and creates a classic Cinderella-style look. It is especially suitable for brides with angular faces and sharp jaw features. Consider this neckline if you are medium to large-chested.


This neckline can be deep or high, and this plunge of the V determines whether the gown looks classic or modern. The shape elongates the neck, and exposes the decolletage and collar bones.

A deep cut V-neckline displays cleavage, and works well on gowns with sleeves and has a slimming effect. The pattern looks good on brides who are apple-shaped or have hourglass figures. Additional details at Best for Bride

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Wtoo, style Lenora (17120B): This chic wedding dress boasts elegant Circle Lace and a high, elegant neckline. Cutouts contour the body while the keyhole back adds plenty of drama. (This dress is also available in an un-beaded version, style 17120P.) Available sizes: 00-32W. Available colors: White, Ivory, Ivory/Champagne.

It’s All In the Details

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh is the premier bridal salon in the Triangle. Our unmatched selection of the top designer wedding dresses is complemented by the region’s most expansive array of bridesmaid dresses. If you’re ready to decide which neckline is ideal for you and your bridal party, stop in and browse our collections at your convenience. Remember, we never require an appointment to shop.

If you need a bit more inspiration for your search, here are more excellent neckline pointers to consider:


Best for: Small-busted brides. The high cut of this style complements your figure and create a more ample bust.

Possibly avoid if: You’re well endowed in the chest area or if you have broad shoulders. This neckline will add will create volume making you look bustier or emphasize broad shoulders.

The jewel neckline, also known as a T-shirt neckline, delivers an air of modest elegance. Since this neckline sits just below the throat, it looks beautiful on small-busted brides. If you’re in search of a wedding dress for broad shoulders or a large bust, this style may make you look boxy.


Best for: Broad-shouldered brides and taller figures.

Possibly avoid if: You’re short or you have narrow shoulders, as this style can overwhelm your figure.

A halter neckline makes quite the statement on taller brides. The halter design flatters your arms and shoulders, making this style ideal for brides who want to flaunt that sculpted upper body. While some halter styles can make petite brides look taller, many may look like they’re swallowing you whole. Continue reading at Moonlight Bridal

At New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh, our seasoned bridal consultants have the experience and knowledge to make excellent dress recommendations. Whichever neckline best fits your style, our selection of designer wedding dresses will give you the full range of choices you’ll want when you’re looking for “the one.”

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