Wedding Dress Care: Before, During & After


Wedding Dress Care: Before, During & After

MoriLee, style Ruth 2088: Feel elegant and carefree in this exquisite A-Line. The stunning bodice features a narrow, waist-deep slit with illusion lace. Gorgeous appliques, embroidery and crystals converge to create a glowing silhouette complete with buttons down the illusion back. Available colors: Ivory/Rose (shown above), Ivory, White. Available sizes: 0-28.

The more educated you are now about the best ways to care for your wedding dress, the greater the likelihood that you won’t have any stain or damage catastrophes on your wedding day. At New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh, providing you with a beautiful wedding gown isn’t our only goal. We also want to help you keep it that way with information and professional dress preservation.

To get started, check out the following tips and tricks to keep your bridal gown in pristine condition:

On Your Wedding Day:

  • APPLY perfume and hair spray before putting on your wedding gown as the mist from such products may cause stains. Use care in dressing to avoid staining your gown.
  • STEP into your gown and have your bridesmaids put your shoes on for you.
  • COVER your gown with a towel before applying any touch-up products such as hair spray or lipstick.
  • POLISH nails at least a day before your wedding.  Wet nail polish on a silk garment can remove color, damaging the fabric permanently.
  • WATERMARKS: softly blot & dry with a clean towel.  If possible lightly press with a hand iron when dry.
  • MAKEUP, LIPSTICK, or any OILY SPILL: lightly coat with CORNSTARCH or BABY POWDER to absorb the oil.  Do not rub the area!  Wait 15 minutes and gently remove the excess powder from fabric.  This technique will mask unsightly spots & prepare the area for professional care after your wedding day.
  • WINE & BEVERAGE STAINS: do not apply water or other liquid that might disperse stain.  Blot area dry with a towel & apply powder as for oily stains.
  • BLOOD: for minor bloodstains, apply your own clean saliva with a dampened Q-tip.  The enzymes will safely break down the stain,  Blot to dry.
  • ASPHALT: It deteriorates the fibers of your gown while grinding the tar into the fabric and can not be removed. Have your bridesmaids hold up your skirt & train when walking on a driveway or street. Learn more, compliments of All Brides Beautiful


Allure Bridals, Romance Collection, style 3309: Lose yourself in the dreamy, voluminous tulle skirt of this fairy tale dress. The sweetheart neckline and lace bodice deliver the perfect contrast of fitted and fabulous for this romantic ballgown. Available colors: Champagne/Ivory, White, Ivory. Available sizes: 0-30.

Prepare A Wedding Day Survival Kit

Being prepared can drastically reduce feelings of stress when things go awry on your wedding day. For instance, if you spill wine on your gown at the reception. There are some great stain removers on the market that can save you from ruin. Pack a survival kit for your bridesmaids to keep nearby and make sure to have a stain remover pen in it. Depending on your dress fabric, you may be able to fix the issue with a few simple swipes. Just be sure to read all labels beforehand and consider testing the stain remover in advance on the inside of your hem to ensure there are no unsavory side effects. Discover more about wedding gown stains below:

Invisible Stains Might Be Lurking on Your Wedding Gown

“Oddly, the most dangerous spills are the ones you cannot see,” says Sally Conant, the Executive Director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. “White wine and other things dry clear, and these latent stains contain sugar that caramelizes over time into dark brown stains that ordinary dry cleaning cannot remove. You may think your gown is fine, but in six months or more, the latent stain becomes pale yellow and then darkens as it ages. Heat accelerates the process.”

Pay Attention to the Label on Your Dress

This is one label you don’t want to ignore. Look for any specific dry cleaning directions it might have, such as “Dry Clean Only with Petroleum Solvent.” Whatever it says, listen to it, and make sure the preservationist or dry cleaner you choose has the appropriate cleaning solutions for your wedding dress.

Bridal Tip

Take your dress off as soon as the reception is over and make sure it gets to the dry cleaner the very next day. If you’re jetting off on a honeymoon, arrange for a bridesmaid or your mother to take it for you. Learn more, compliments of Brides


Sincerity Bridal, style 44163: The fit and structure to this embroidered lace mermaid wedding gown create a gorgeous silhouette. Exposed boning or lined bodice options available. The sweetheart neckline and chapel length gown deliver plenty of eye-catching details. Available colors: Ivory/Ivory (shown above), Ivory/Nude. Available sizes: 2-32.

Professional Wedding Dress Preservation

Once you’ve found “the dress,” we will gladly go over the designer’s care tips and label information with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please share them with us. Also, let us know if you plan to hold onto your dress as a keepsake for yourself or to become an heirloom for your children, so we can discuss professional wedding dress preservation. After the wedding, utilizing this service will be essential for ensuring the integrity of your gown for decades to come. We can arrange your dress preservation, so just ask us and we’ll be happy to help.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh is the premier bridal shop in the Triangle. Between our rows and rows of top designer wedding dresses, plus-size wedding dress department, rental tuxedo department and extensive selection of wedding accessories, we truly are your one-stop wedding shop. Drop by anytime to browse; we never require an appointment. Our team of professional bridal consultants will be here waiting to assist you.

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