Tuxedos 101: Here’s What You Ought To Know

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Tuxedos 101: Here’s What You Ought To Know

Tuxedos are for dressing up, not everyday wear. Beyond this one fact, most people don’t know much about these semiformal men’s fashion staples. They often consider tuxedos and suits to be the same, but the fact is they’re different and many times they can’t be worn interchangeably. We’re going to tell you what you need to know about tuxedos in this helpful blog post so be sure to continue reading. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the individual pieces of a tux.

The jacket

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

The jacket is the most important element of a tuxedo, so it’s where we’ll begin. The material that trims the lapels, breast and waist pockets is luxurious satin. This is a key design detail that’s different from the rest of the jacket and makes it pop. Satin is often used to cover the buttons on the cuffs of the jacket, as well.

A tuxedo jacket is a type of formal coat that’s designed to be worn with a tuxedo. A tuxedo, of course, is a formal outfit consisting of trousers, a vest and a jacket. A tuxedo jacket is simply the outerwear that’s used in a tuxedo.

Most tuxedo jackets feature a black or navy color. Black and navy are the two most common colors in which they are made. You can find tuxedo jackets in other colors, but many men prefer either black or navy because of their timeless and formal style. Black and navy tuxedo jackets are considered classic, so they won’t go out of style anytime soon. Furthermore, they are regarded as the two most formal colors on the color wheel. And since tuxedos are formal, black and navy are popular colors for tuxedo jackets. Read more from StudioSuits…

The jacket is the piece that will dominate your tuxedo look, so make sure yours fits like a glove and the color and styling are right on to complement the bride’s wedding day look.

The lapels

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There are multiple lapel styles available for tuxedos. You will want your tux to say something about who you are. So, when the time comes to make your lapel choice and such, simply let your personal style guide your selection.

There are a variety of lapels on a wedding tuxedo to match style and preference. The notch lapel is a popular choice. The opening falls right below the shoulders. The peak lapel is the lapel of tradition, and probably one of the most popular choices. The v-shaped lines provide an illusion of broad shoulders and a narrow waistline. The shawl lapel provides a modern curve to the glamorous look. The edges are replaced with a smoother and rounder appearance. Choosing the lapels for your wedding tuxedo will have everything to do with your style and personality. Read more from Crystal Ballroom…

Do you want a look that’s fashion-forward, glam or something more traditional? Whatever you decide, you’re likely to be surprised by just how much the type of lapel you choose plays a role in achieving your desired look.

The vest

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

The same fabric that’s used to make a tuxedo jacket is normally used to construct the vest that goes with it. Vests are intended to fit tightly, which helps them shape the chest and waist. Get more details below:

The vest is where a tux gets to show more of its creativity. Even though vests tend to look alike, how they show through the entire ensemble will vary and shine. The vest should be snug but not restrictive — even if you feel like it’s highlighting your missed trips to the gym. It goes under the coat and the snug fit will be ok.

The key to thinking about your vest is to remember that it is only partially visible next to the lapel. The jacket covers most of the vest. This allows you to incorporate interesting color combinations and design styles into the look. The coat, it’s lapel and the combination with the vest are what really make the primary aesthetic of a tuxedo.

Vests are not the most modern thing in the world, but almost all modern styles are going to feature a vest. Because of the way they add color and visual dynamics to the look, they can hurt formality. When you’re looking to be completely formal, drop the vest for suspenders and a cummerbund. Read more from Manscaped…

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