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At New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh, we understand that the groom is as important on the wedding day as the bride. We specialize in exceptionally stylish tuxedo rentals for the groom and all the men in his wedding party.

NYB&G’s Tuxedo Program Advantage


Tuxedo Rental $219.98

A complete designer-label tuxedo – no gimmicks. You will have a total look – tuxedo, shirt, tie, and shoes. THE LOOK all for $219.98

Suits for Rental
and Purchase

Options are what we provide! You can also buy the perfect tuxedo or suit. It starts at the wedding, but you get to keep it from there and use it at all your functions.

Design Your Own
Custom Suit

A custom suit just for you. Whether it’s Italian fabric or a hot velvet look for the season, you can be styled by our expert stylists. Ask about applying your rental party discount to your custom suit purchase.

Online Digital
Measurement System

For your suit measurements, you may already know your sizes, or you can use our FREE at-home Digital Measurements App.


Order online or in-store and we ship directly to you.
You can order online here and we will ship directly to your home or office. You will receive your tuxedo approximately 7 days before the wedding. If anything needs adjusting, just call us at (919) 662-6400 and we will send you the replacement item out the same day.

With 8 changing rooms in our tuxedo department, we can easily accommodate the guys in their own area separate from the bridal salon. This department has been specifically designed with the groom’s needs in mind.



  • Michael Kors
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Stephen Geoffrey
  • Tony Bowls
  • Andrew Fezza
  • Perry Ellis
  • Jean Yves
  • and more!

We offer a full-service tuxedo department. Instead of merely shopping from a catalog, you can check out our in-store samples. This is a much more accurate way to determine how your tux will look and feel.

We believe in offering you, your wedding party and your male friends and family our best customer service and unbeatable prices. It can be tricky coordinating tuxedo rentals with your out-of-town guests. We have specifically provided a webpage to help your out-of-town groomsmen book their tux rental orders with step-by-step simplicity.

NYB&G is your first and last tuxedo destination. Let us help you find the style, color and fit you prefer. Men from all across the Triangle and beyond trust our experienced staff to help make their tuxedo rentals effortless.

Wedding tuxedo rentals in Raleigh nc

We are happy to accommodate Out-of-Town Groomsmen with our convenient online order form.

Let us help you place your tuxedo order with a few simple mouse clicks.
A trio of tuxedo wedding tips

A Trio of Crucial Tuxedo Tips

The wedding day is the groom’s time to shine just as much as it is the bride’s. Choosing the right tuxedo to wear will allow him to play his role to the fullest in the co-starring production that is the wedding day.

Here are three key tuxedo-related tips that can make a big difference on the big day.

1. The Most Important Factor is the Fit

Understand that no tux is trendy or classy enough to make the groom look good if it is ill-fitting. To ensure that you get a precise fit, have your measurements taken professionally. The Tuxedo Department staff at New York Bride & Groom know all the ins and outs of measuring for a great fit and always make certain that’s what you get. In other words, relax — we’ve got this!

2. The Tux Has to Complement the Dress

This not only means matching the color but also matching the style as well. In other words, don’t choose a 1930’s gangster-inspired tux with matching fedora if your fiance’s dress is modern and chic. One quick color tip: If the dress is white, be sure your shirt is also white and not ivory. An ivory shirt can make a white dress look yellowed in photos. Our staff will be happy to help you coordinate your garments if you’d like.

3. Tuxedo Styles do Change, Don't Look Outdated.

Styles change, so even if the fit is fine and the color works, you won’t look your best in a tux with an outdated cut and silhouette. This is never a problem with us because all of our tuxes come from the top designers, including Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Stephen Geoffrey, Tony Bowls, Andrew Fezza, Perry Ellis, Jean Yves and more. You’ll always be on-trend when you rent from us.

Don’t forget that we stock a full range of tuxedo samples for you to inspect. You can actually feel the material, precisely appraise the colors and even see side-by-side how your suit choices match with her wedding dress. After going through this process, you will be able to place your tuxedo order with New York Bride & Groom with full confidence.


Tuxedos 101: Here’s What You Ought To Know

Tuxedos are for dressing up, not everyday wear. Beyond this one fact, most people don’t know much about these semiformal men’s fashion staples. They often consider tuxedos and suits to be the same, but the fact is they’re different and many times they can’t be worn interchangeably. We’re going to tell you what you need to know about tuxedos in this helpful blog post so be sure to continue reading. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the individual pieces of a tux. more...

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