Top tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

Choosing a single bridesmaid dress style that will flatter all of your ladies can be difficult at the best of times. It is not simply the cut of the dress that has to be acceptable but the length, color and fabric along with the strap, sleeve and belt options that must be considered and agreed upon. There are a number of key points that go into making a dress fit right and feel fabulous. If you want to keep your best girls happy and have fun with dress shopping, keep these top tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses in mind.

Respect everyone’s individuality

Why should we even expect multiple women of all shapes and sizes to fit the same gown and equally love it? Matchy-matchy photographs are becoming a thing of the past anyway. Many brides-to-be today are considering their bridesmaids’ personal comfort levels and having different options available within the same fabric or color. The last thing you want to do is send your best friends down the aisle in something that is unflattering and unsexy.


Choosing bridesmaid dresses that represent a similar flow and silhouette in comparison to your gown can transform your entourage into something out of the best bridal magazines with a little careful planning. Of course, you want to stand out, but don’t forget that you are creating an entire wedding party look that will work best when all the dresses are complementary.

Freedom of choice

Be supportive and understanding when your tall bridesmaid and your petite bridesmaid prefer different dresses. Especially if you are not personally paying for their ensemble, allow the ladies to be honest about how they look and feel in each dress. During the decision-making process, encourage everyone to provide constructive criticism and positive feedback so everyone leaves the salon with the dress that best suits their body type and budget. Flexibility is key to ensuring that everyone is comfortable and feeling amazing on your special day.

Clarify the budget

Prior to shopping it is vital to sit down with your gals and determine who is paying for what. Take everyone’s unique financial situation into account and determine a fair option. On average, ladies spend between $100-$350 for bridesmaid dresses, not including shoes, undergarments and accessories. If you set a budget and fall in love with a more expensive gown, consider covering the difference.

Subtle rainbow

A huge trend in weddings lately is the multi-palette of one or two colors that dominates the color scheme. If for example, your main color was blue, you could opt to have each bridesmaid wear their own shade. This way skin color and hair color can be accentuated to the max and your girls won’t look pale and washed out in every photo. If you are a bit more flexible with your colors and prefer “Spring Pastels” or “Electric Hues,” not to worry, allow your ladies to dress shop accordingly. Strategically mixing colors correctly can have you showcasing a gorgeously cohesive wedding party. Use color swatches and mix shades up to see which ones look the best beside each other for future photo ops.

Have fun with the entire experience and enjoy the ride. Before you know it you will look back at the days of bridesmaid shopping and laugh at how needlessly stressed everyone was since you pulled your wedding off beautifully and being with your best girls was what really mattered anyway.

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