Three Reasons To Plan For a Wedding At The Beach

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Three Reasons To Plan For a Wedding At The Beach

Imagine the scenery of the beach…breathtaking isn’t it? Now picture your beautiful wedding day in a venue like that! Sounds exciting! A beach wedding triggers all beautiful sensations and it is one of the venues you could consider as you plan for your wedding.

There are several things that make a beach wedding unique. One, is that apart from its beautiful scenery, a beach destination can serve as a tourism venture for your guests. So, this can create an opportunity for you to spend more time with the guests. Additionally, there are other benefits that come with a beach wedding.  Here are some more:

Amazing photos at the beach

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

One of the most memorable moments in a wedding is taking breathtaking photos. These include the shots capturing you as a couple as well as with family and friends. For instance, you could hold hands on the sandy beach. Moreover, you could take photos as the sun is setting. Clearly, there are countless ideas on a beach.

Choosing a wedding venue on the beach gives you gorgeous options for your wedding day photos. Whether it’s capturing your first kiss as a married couple while the sun sets over the ocean, group photos with friends and family on the beach, or dreamy looks beneath the sway of palm trees, you get extra ambiance when getting married at the beach. Read more from Zola

The beach as a backdrop of your photos already screams elegant.

All inclusive wedding packages

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

The wedding planning can be one hectic process, especially dealing with different vendors. With a beach wedding you can get an all inclusive wedding package. This means you’ll just deal with one vendor, the beach resort.

Even though you are planning from thousands of miles away, planning a destination wedding can be quite easy for many reasons. You don’t have to worry about every little detail or meeting with hundreds of vendors. The resort has already partnered with amazing local vendors in each area needed, and they assist you with the connection. Many times if you want to use a non-preferred  vendor, they will charge an additional fee for them to come on-site, so it keeps things simple. Resort weddings offer simple, cost-effective packages that you can customize on top of that for your own unique style. This allows you to control the cost, and with the backdrop of paradise surrounding you, there is already so much beauty to incorporate for free! It’s totally up to you if you want to keep it simple within the package inclusions or if you want to create an elaborate affair – possibilities are endless! Read more from Destination wedding blog

There is no doubt that with such a package it is hard resisting such a beautiful wedding destination.

Getaway vacation for wedding guests

In many instances, as a couple, you may barely get time to connect with your guests. You could be in a hurry to catch a flight to your honeymoon. With a beach resort, your guests could even make the wedding a getaway. They may choose to arrive a few days early or leave a few days after the wedding.

The last advantage, which is perhaps the most compelling, is that your wedding will also be an epic vacation for you and your guests. This means leaving the stresses of home behind, and having more time making memories and having fun with your nearest and dearest family, friends, and spouse-to-be.

While local weddings typically are one day events, destination weddings allow you to enjoy time with your guests days before your wedding which equals even more memories will be created. It is fun to add a group catamaran cruise, local excursion, or arrival cocktail party in the days leading up to the wedding.  Your wedding will be an event that your guests are talking about for years to come! Read more from Embrace the journey Travel

Such an opportunity is heavenly! The couple will get more time with their guests with ideas like a beach party before the wedding.

At New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh, we are focused on ensuring the entire wedding day is a memory to cherish. We offer expert advice in matters dressing the bride and the groom. Yes, we have the groom in mind as well. Give us a call or better yet visit our salon and let us help you get your dream wedding.

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