The top summer styles for bridesmaid dresses

You have almost certainly put a great deal of thought into choosing your wedding dress for your upcoming big event. In fact, you may have put so much time and effort into selecting your own dress that you haven’t yet decided what your bridesmaids are going to wear. If that’s the case, the time has arrived. Choosing the right dresses for your bridesmaids will help to ensure that the entire bridal party looks amazing and they feel beautiful on your big day.

If you are planning a summer wedding, choosing the perfect dresses can be a bit different from the selections you might make for weddings at another time of year. These are a few things that you may want to think about when choosing the top summer styles for bridesmaid dresses.

Type of strap

Look at different types of straps when choosing dresses for your bridesmaids. Consider a halter dress, spaghetti strap dress or sleeveless option. Not only do these dresses look great during the summer, but they can also help keep your bridesmaids nice and cool if it’s hot on your wedding day. There are a lot of fun strap styles out there from some of the top designers, so keep your options open before making a final decision.


Although long bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice during the rest of the year, you might want to opt for a shorter look if you are hosting a summertime wedding. Your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate being able to stay a little bit cooler during your ceremony and reception if you pick a shorter and more comfortable dress. While you are thinking about shorter dresses, you might even want to take a look at some of the beautiful short wedding dresses that are out there; they look great and are a wonderful option for summer.


Consider looking at summer-type colors when choosing bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party. You may want to look at beautiful jewel tones or tropical colors rather than the pastels that can be so popular for many weddings. By choosing the right color, you can help ensure that your bridesmaid dresses go well with the season. Just make sure that these colors match nicely with the theme and color scheme that you have chosen for your wedding.


All of the top summer styles for bridesmaid dresses come in light, flowy fabrics. Your bridesmaids probably won’t want to wear heavy fabrics on a hot summer day, and these types of dresses wouldn’t look right based on the season, anyway. Therefore, you’ll want to look for airy, gauzy fabric options that are perfect for the warmth of summer.


Many women prefer slightly looser dresses during the summer months to help them stay cool. Some of the top bridesmaid dresses for summer will have an easy fit, which is comfortable and appealing for the season.

By considering these factors, you are sure to make the right choice for your bridesmaid dresses. New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh has many great summer options in our top designer lines. Come browse our gorgeous selection and find the ideal look for your bridesmaids. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Triangle’s premier bridal salon.