The details on wedding dress trains


The details on wedding dress trains

Wedding dress trains are as varied and unique as the brides who wear them. Long and cascading or short and sassy, it’s your day so choose accordingly.

Your elegant entrance

Your wedding march will be breathtaking and memorable whether it’s down a traditional church aisle or through a flower-filled meadow. It is vital to take your venue into consideration when determining your train. Your setting is an essential component to your comfort level and overall maintenance throughout the day. Traversing through the sand at your beachfront resort with a cathedral length gown may not be ideal. It is easy to fall in love with a picture in a magazine or on a hanger at the bridal salon, but you need to think this important detail through.

Train options and styles

It is best to try on a few different dress styles to see what feels most regal and flattering for you. Be sure to view yourself in all angles to ensure you love your decision. Popular design choices include:

Sweep: Trailing approximately 6 inches on the floor, this hint of a train is an ideal choice for outdoor weddings.

Court: This version is the same length as a sweep but it attaches from your waistline as opposed to the dress hem. The placement drastically alters the overall silhouette of the gown.  

Watteau: This style extends from the shoulders in a Grecian goddess kind of way. This is a great choice for those who do not want a traditional veil but yearn for a sweeping, dramatic effect.

Panel: A separate piece of material that is often at least 12 inches wide. This is often the easiest to detach or add to a dress, commonly attaching to the waist.

Chapel: Extends approximately 3 and a half to 4 and a half feet from the waist, this is one of the most common choices for traditional brides.

Cathedral: Formally flowing 6 and a half to 7 and a half feet from the waist, this option is often combined with a cathedral veil.

Monarch: Also referred to as a Royal train, these beauties flow up to 12 feet past the hemline! Expect to designate at least 2 bridesmaids as your helpers to ensure the drape and flow is pristine.

Bustle and removal options

If you simply cannot live without a longer train, but realize it may hinder your moves on the dance floor or require your entire wedding party to attend every bathroom visit, be sure to seek some reasonable alternative. A good bridal salon (like New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh) will have the ability to make your dreams come true. If long and formal is the only vision you see for yourself, fret not. The alterations department can make the necessary changes so that you can lessen your load after pictures and enjoy your chance to boogie on the dance floor. Ribbons, buttons, exquisite brooches and hidden clasps or clips can dramatically alter your dresses silhouette and help you maintain your sanity.

Scallop silhouette

The flow and shape of the train can often speak for itself. The way the layers delicately accent themselves may be just the glamour you are seeking.

Sparkling sensation

Experiment with how adding some crystals will transform your train. The gorgeous glint achieved by carefully sewing on a few gems can give you that hint of shimmer you’re looking for. Glitter dust, or an elaborate crystal bow or bustle clip can create a unique focal point if you want to customize your train and make it one of a kind.

Incorporating something borrowed

Want to incorporate your Mom or Grandma’s wedding dress but cannot make their gown work for your vision? This is a common issue that many brides choose to deal with creatively. Sometimes, cutting a piece of fabric from an heirloom dress can transform your entire design. Adding rosettes or lace trim from your loved one’s gown into your train is also an excellent option. Even using some material to create your own pickups and texture can be sentimental and sensational.

Whatever style of train you desire, you will find it at New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh. We are the premier bridal salon in the Triangle with a selection of designer wedding dresses that is unmatched in the region. Come browse our 17,000 sq.ft. modern luxury salon at your convenience (no appointment needed) and let our full staff of knowledgeable bridal consultants help you find the dress of your dreams.

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