Three Surprisingly Simple Wedding Decor Ideas You’ll Want To Consider

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Three Surprisingly Simple Wedding Decor Ideas You’ll Want To Consider

Are you stuck wondering what ideas to use for your wedding decor? Or are you struggling with conflicting ideas? Your mind may run wild just thinking of decorating your venue. It can also get a little confusing trying to decide what materials to use. Additionally, it may be particularly troublesome if you are a perfectionist. What’s worse is the feeling that all your ideas are a farfetched dream.

But to help you out, here are a few popular and interesting ideas of the materials to use. These can go a long way in helping a bride and groom make a good choice- yes, a groom can have a pick as well.


NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

These are one of the most simple but interesting items that can decorate a wedding. From the variety of shapes, colors and sizes, one can never go wrong with balloons. Imagine balloons falling from the ceiling on your first dance, or balloons on your beautiful backdrop? Spectacular, isn’t it?

Balloons are one of the few wedding decorations that can easily add vertical dimension to your aisle without sacrificing the view—which, let’s be honest, is the most important thing. Tie balloons to aisle chairs to add an elevated level of decor to your ceremony space. This wedding decor addition works especially well in venues with high ceilings or in wide-open spaces—so long as it’s not too windy.

Balloon Tip: You can tie balloons to aisle chairs, or you can use other decor to anchor the balloons. Tie balloons to floral arrangements, vintage antiques, or even stacks of books—anything that expresses your personalities. Read more from Zola

Balloons express how happy and elated the couple is, since they are almost floating.


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Is there a wedding without flowers? Well, mostly not in this life. Flowers are the life of a wedding venue. They give off their beautiful scent and natural colors. Moreover, there are so many varieties for you to pick from. With wedding flowers, you can personalize your venue according to your taste and preference.

Whether you’re opting for a traditional wedding or going modern with your very special occasion, flowers are an essential part of your day.Your favourite blooms, however, have a bigger role to play that goes far beyond beautiful bouquets and buttonholes.

Fresh and artificial flowers offer an instant hit of colour and texture, as well as set the mood for your entire wedding day. Beautiful, elegant, and stylish floral arrangements can be used to add something extra special to every part of your wedding day and can be utilised throughout your ceremony and reception as a result. Read more Gosfield Hall

Flowers bring a natural feeling to a venue. Plus, the natural scents and beauty? They are priceless. In fact, flowers can be very romantic.

Fairy lights

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They bring such an ambience to a wedding venue that it is impossible not to be carried away. Your wedding venue can use a little bit more of lighting and glow. Fairy lights are perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

The beauty of fairy lights is that as a couple, you can take it up as a DIY project. Through this, you’ll enjoy some beautiful moments working together.

The concept of a wedding is incomplete without bright glow of fairy lights. These illuminations play an essential role while bringing ambiance to a wedding ceremony. You can use these fairy lights in a variety of ways including decorating centerpieces, create hanging icicle lights, and illuminate the backdrop. Moreover, fairy lights are less expensive and consume a minimum amount of electricity. It is relatively easy to use these lights at any surface or improvise them with reference to your design pattern. The fact that LED fairy lights stay cool even after hours of operation, these lights are perfect for wedding table decorations. Read more from Event Supply Shop

If fairy, dreamy, luxurious and romantic is what as a couple you are going for, then look no further. Our team at New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh are excited to be of help to you. Yes it may be a struggle choosing the décor material but we are here to ease things for you when it comes to gowns and suits. We are dedicated not only in making you look exquisite on your wedding day but also ensuring you feel the same. Give us a call today!

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