Tips For a Successful Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

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Tips For a Successful Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

For many women, wedding dress shopping is a bit like a treasure hunt. While fun and exciting in theory, when you realize that you don’t know what you’re looking for or where to find it, the situation can seem daunting. Plus, it’s not just negative scenarios that create stress. Some ladies get anxious at the thought of finding a great dress. They’ll have to commit to it, but what if it’s a choice they regret later? However, it is also possible to have an experience you’ll remember forever. Moreover, with the right advice, you can both enjoy shopping and end up with a smile on your face as you hold your dream dress. This post will help you know how to get there with ease.

The Right Plan

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

Starting on the right foot is everything. It’ll ensure your shopping process is productive and fulfilling at the same time. Here is an overview of a plan you might consider implementing:

Ideas: Do your research! Start looking around online to start to get an idea of what kind of wedding gown is right for you. The options are endless, so come prepared to narrow the scope.
Positive Attitude: Okay, so this is a little cheesy but bear with us. Wedding dress shopping should be fun, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
Supportive, Honest Entourage: Squad up! Make a day of your dress shopping, you’ll have more fun and get some accurate insight
Comfortable, Convenient Outfit: You’re going to be trying on a lot of stuff, so maybe leave the overcomplicated.
The Right Undergarments: There is definitely a time for neon pink flower underwear, but now is not that time.
Heels: Or, at least, a similar shoe to what you’ll be wearing on the big day. You want to make sure you have a good idea of how the length will work in practice or if you’ll need alterations. Read more at Loverly…

The Right Time

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

To lower your stress levels, you need to do your wedding dress shopping without the additional pressure of time. So, ensure you have enough of it. That way, both you and the people helping you to pick the dress will have a relaxing experience.

We all know that spontaneous purchases are usually a hit or miss. And you definitely do not want it to be a miss. Remember that there is no time too early to start looking for the wedding gown. If you have enough time in advance, start your search 9‒12 months before the actual celebration date. Usually, dresses take 4 to 6 months to be made, and if you opt for attire with a lot of hand-made embellishment and decor, it can take even longer. Beyond that, there is time for shipping. As all bodies are different, you will likely need to make some alterations with a seamstress to get the perfect fit. If you do not have so much time, you can search for bridal salons or designers, that offer rush services, but be prepared to pay some extra. You also have the option of buying a sample dress with a discount, but you will have to take it to dry cleaning. Read more at Tina Valerdi…

The Right Company

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

The people you bring along for your wedding dress shopping will either make or break your experience. So get the right team members who’ll cheer you on and will go to lengths to ensure you get the best dress in town.

Friendly Family
At a dress appointment, you want someone to help fasten your buttons, not push them. “We all have that family member likely to say the one thing that’ll get under your skin,” says Yarbrough. Instead, “you want soothing people who are careful with you and their words—who are honest but in a loving way.”

Chill Bridesmaids
If you’re easily flustered, keep invites few (three to five) and intentional. “Think of it like hosting a dinner party,” Yarbrough says. “What is each person bringing, and will they get along? Who will encourage a pick that’s authentically you, even if it’s not their taste?” Yarbrough asks…

The Wild Card
Someone completely unexpected can offer a fresh perspective amid a chorus of ladies saying “YASS!” to literally everything you try on. Read more at Brides…

With all these in place, all you need now is a bridal salon with a wide selection of dresses you fancy. New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh is the ultimate salon for your wedding dress shopping. We have something unique for every bride. Looking for boho wedding dresses? We’ve got them. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your groom and groomsmen. Our groom’s department is ready to provide all they need. We look forward to your visit!

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