Renting a wedding tux is better than buying


Renting a wedding tux is better than buying

The dressing dilemmas that come along with the fun and games of planning your wedding day don’t have to break the bank. In many cases the vast majority of the wedding clothing budget is consumed by the bride’s gown — so what is her better half to do? As fun as the pictures might be if the groom were to walk down the aisle in nothing more than his skivvies, a tie and dress shoes, going the male stripper route is not your best plan for saving a few bucks. Let’s take a closer look at the best way to have a well-dressed groom without spending too much.

The problem with buying

We all see the ads — suits go on sale all the time. Catching a deal for the advertised $99 may sound tempting when you are budget conscious. However, a tux being offered for that price is going to look and feel like a tux of that price. Is this really the way you want to immortalize yourself in your wedding photos? Probably not.

A great suit can run $500 to $3000 and even higher. This may seem like a wise investment if you have a part-time gig as a piano player or moonlight as a magician on the side. The reality is that most men won’t wear their wedding suit ever again, even if they dress formally for the office every day. You may think that these new threads will be great for future celebrations as you admire yourself in the dressing room mirror, but will you really wear this suit again? Will it still be fashionable? Will it be the right color for the event? Will it still fit well? These are all things you have to consider realistically if your plan is to take the financial hit and buy your wedding tuxedo. On the other hand, none of these are concerns when you rent a suit.

Renting gives you options

Renting your tuxedo allows you extreme flexibility. Try on a variety of styles to see what is most flattering. If your bride-to-be decides to change the color scheme last minute or your physique drastically changes, who cares. Not only will you save money, but you won’t be stuck with a plastic dry-cleaning bag taking up space in your closet for years to come that taunts you every time you look at it.

Going with the flow

Renting a tux will run you approximately the same amount as paying for alterations to have a purchased suit custom tailored to fit. Who needs this added hassle and expense? Certainly not you. Enjoy the fact that you can secure a rental that you love in any style you prefer with simplicity and ease.

Keeping it simple

Imagine showing up for one fitting a few weeks prior to the wedding and then simply picking up your items the day before. All pressed, ready to go and perfect to take your bride’s breath away without costing an arm and a leg. Your groomsmen and male family members can easily present a cohesive look by ordering the same style tux in multiple sizes from the rental shop. And you won’t have to pay for dry cleaning and storing the garments. Simply return your tux to the store and you’re all done. It couldn’t be simpler.

New York Bride & Groom has an outstanding selection of rental tuxedos for the entire groom’s party. Come browse the designer suits in our dedicated men’s department and find the perfect complement to your wedding colors and theme. We have samples of every suit in stock. There’s no ordering based solely on a picture in a catalog or on the internet like some stores. You can inspect every suit and make sure the style, color and fabric are exactly what you’re looking for. And don’t forget: There’s no appointment needed to shop with us, and with five tux rentals, the groom’s tux is free.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Triangle’s premier wedding salon, where we outfit the entire wedding party in style.

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