Personalize Your Wedding With These Creative Ideas

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Personalize Your Wedding With These Creative Ideas

Too many couples forget themselves in the process of planning their weddings. This is primarily because they either get mired in the details that will make their day “perfect,” or they are overly focused on catering to their guests’ needs. However, it’s possible to handle both of these things and still make your wedding feel like your wedding. You just have to personalize your special day by adding a few thoughtful touches that are uniquely “you.”

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

Your wedding reception is a wonderful opportunity for adding some key details that lets everyone know they are at your unique celebration.

A popular way of personalizing a wedding reception is through the favors. There have been many couples that have made their own favors, like making gingerbread men to go with their bonfire night theme or mulled wine when their wedding has been in the winter.

If you would prefer you can provide small lavender bags or bath products (you can even make your own bath bombs).

I have been to many weddings where the favors have been very personal to the couple. One wedding I went to the bride had grown up in Spain but had moved back to England so she had traditional Spanish favors of pearl pins. Another wedding I went to the Bride was Welsh and therefore provided everyone with traditional Welsh love spoons. Read more at My Wedding Songs…

Another simple but effective touch is to select a playlist of songs that has meaning to the two of you. Come up with a way to share with your guests what makes the songs so special. This is the kind of personalization — and connection with your invitees — that will make your event a smashing success.

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

You can include your family and friends in your nuptials by letting them contribute their thoughts and ideas. Making your guests feel that you value their presence and input will make your wedding memorable for everyone.

Travel Suggestion Cards
Whether you’re both diehard adventurers seeking your next travel destination or simply crowdsourcing to plan your later-moon, a “Where should we go?” sign and accompanying postcards are a great way to inform future married trips — and learn a little bit more about your guests’ favorite places in the meantime. Set up a cute mailbox to house their suggestions for an added on-theme touch…

Family Photo Wall
Connect your big day to the weddings of your family’s past by setting up a shelved photo display. This poignant and personal touch is also something that Grandma is sure to appreciate. Read more at Martha Stewart

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Using photos to create a sense of togetherness with members of the family who are deceased will speak volumes about your ongoing love and respect for them.

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

Creativity will allow you to take the things that are common in a wedding and making them your own. For instance, check out this interesting idea for your aisle:

If you are planning to use an aisle runner for your wedding ceremony, don’t settle for the plain white runner. Or one with your names and wedding date stamped on it. Personalize your wedding aisle runner so that it shows the timeline of your journey together. You can customize an aisle runner with pictures and text in different styles, fonts, and colors. And start the timeline at the beginning of the aisle and have it end where you will stand to get married. Your guests will love getting to learn about your journey together. Read more at A Day Dream Wedding…

In the end, just keep in mind that it’s your wedding. As a couple, you have the freedom to make it as personal as you wish it to be. So, have the time of your life planning your spectacular day!

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