Our Tuxedo Dept. at NYB&G of Raleigh Is Ready to Outfit the Guys in Style


Our Tuxedo Dept. at NYB&G of Raleigh Is Ready to Outfit the Guys in Style

Ike Behar, style 211: This Ultra Slim Cobalt Blue Tribeca tux offers lavish elegance and a definitive silhouette. The luxurious 120’s wool fabric offers a soft, comfortable approach to high style. The black satin peak lapel, matching black satin covered buttons and double besom pockets provide a super polished look. Wear with ultra slim fit or matching black pants to complete your look.

NYB&G Raleigh Has a Dedicated Tuxedo Department

When it comes to the wedding, many men agree that one-stop shopping is awesome. So, guys, come in and select your wedding day ensemble in our separate tuxedo department while the ladies are browsing our dress departments. Imagine having you and your bride-to-be outfitted perfectly in a single day, along with the entire wedding party — it’s possible at NYB&G! We make it easy for everyone to achieve their ideal wedding day style. Our experienced consultants can help you find the designer suit that makes you look sensational. You’ll save time, money and energy by coming to NYB&G Raleigh first. Our stellar selection, pricing and customer service will make your trip more than worthwhile.

If you want to know more about tuxedo design before you shop, check out some vital information in this blog post. Let’s start with collar detailing:

Here is your guide to tuxedo collars:

Peak Lapel: This is the most traditional style of tuxedo lapel. Thanks to its shape, it makes the wearer look like they have broader shoulders and smaller waist (perfect if you’ve been indulging a bit too much at your pre-wedding parties).

Shawl Lapel: A formal lapel style that is perfect for black tie affairs. It’s edges are rounded, as opposed to peaked, and can be worn with or without a tie (the latter is the more modern variation).

Point Collar: Want to make your face look at little longer? Go with a point shirt collar. It only has a three inch spread, making the wearer’s face appear elongated.

Spread Collar: A modern shirt collar that has a five inch spread, ideal for pairing with more intricate tie knots. Keep in mind that this style can make the wearer’s face appear wider.

Wingtip Collar: A short shirt collar that looks excellent with a bow tie. This style has sharp edges and is simultaneously formal and stylish. Learn more about every aspect of your tuxedo from Wedding Wire



Ralph Lauren, style 962 Saville: Enjoy this modern and sophisticated tuxedo, that is soft to the touch, thanks to Super 100’s wool. The luxurious satin peak lapel and matching satin-covered buttons offer superior style. This jacket pairs well with modern slim fit, pleated front or flat front trousers.

Detailing Your Perfect Fit

It’s easy to take incorrect measurements of yourself or simply assume that you’re the same size you were a few years ago. Both of these scenarios can lead you to look for tuxedos that don’t fit properly. No worries when you shop NYB&G though. Our tuxedo consultants will ensure that you get a perfect fitting suit for your special day.

To learn more about tuxedo fit, continue reading:

Shoulder fit is crucial, said Tom Kalenderian, the guru of men’s wear at Barneys New York. It’s worth sacrificing a little mobility for a snug, high armhole. No one is making free throws in a tuxedo.

A four-in-hand tie, a favorite style default in Hollywood, is a solecism and “just wrong,” Tom Ford said. Put on a bow tie and by all means learn to knot your own. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

Take an honest measure of your neck. Nobody looks good in a horse harness or a noose.  Enjoy reading more tuxedo tips compliments of the NY Times 

Deciphering the Details

New York Bride & Groom Raleigh’s expansive tuxedo department offers everything you need to make the perfect style decision for your big day. Trying on different jackets, pants, vests and tie options can help you determine which tuxedo features you prefer.

Here are some of the style options to consider while you’re browsing, courtesy of The Art of Manliness:

The Facing — Satin silk provides a smooth, high-luster surface that emphasizes the lapels. Grosgrain, with its ribbed texture, is subtler and less reflective. Both are equally acceptable. Since your neckwear will match your lapels, be aware that a satin facing means a shinier bow tie as well.

The Vents— For the slimmest silhouette and strictest formality, an unvented jacket is preferred. However, double vents (twin slits up the back) are also acceptable, and may be more comfortable and allow easier pocket access. Single vents are a casual style that should be avoided — be cautious when renting, as single-vented jackets are cheap and easy to fit, and have become a staple of rental catalogs.

The Buttons— All the buttons should match, but they may be either plain black or covered in the same facing as the lapels. The sleeve should have four touching buttons, just like a suit jacket.


Stephen Geoffrey, style 852 Emerson: Ideal for that understated and sophisticated style you have been craving. Detailing abounds within grosgrain notch lapel and matching grosgrain covered buttons. Perfect for formal and semi-formal events, this jacket pairs well with flat front or matching pleated trousers.

To further prove that NYB&G is your best bet for finding your wedding tux, consider these three points:

  1. We have samples of every suit in stock. There’s no ordering based solely on a picture in a catalog or on the internet like some stores. You can inspect every suit and make sure the style, color and fabric are exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. You never need an appointment to shop with us. Drop by whenever it fits into your busy schedule and we’ll be ready to assist you.
  3. With five tux rentals, the groom’s tux is always free. So, bring your groomsmen in with you and save yourself some money.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Triangle’s premier wedding salon, where we outfit the entire wedding party in style.

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