Must-Have Elements For The Perfect Wedding Day Look

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Must-Have Elements For The Perfect Wedding Day Look

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, the different pieces of your wedding look must fit together perfectly for the vision to be realized. Everything you wear matters, so each of the items should be chosen with precision and tried on together before the wedding. That way you’ll have an idea of how you’ll appear on your big day. Continue reading and we’ll break down the details of a great wedding day look.

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh

The Wedding Dress

News flash: You probably won’t find a wedding dress that is totally ready to wear off the rack. The vast majority of brides you see have made adjustments to their perfectly fitted wedding gowns. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

Before Your First Fitting
Buy your undergarments and bridal shoes. You must have both of these things for your fittings—a bra switch or change in heel height could cause your dress to fit poorly.
Decide which accessories—jewelry, headpiece, wrap, bag—you want to wear with your dress and buy or order them.

Your First Fitting
The first fitting usually takes place about six weeks before your wedding day. Just like when you were shopping, it helps to bring one eagle-eyed friend or family member along for advice. And don’t forget your shoes, bra and slip— along with any other accessories you have purchased—so you can see how everything looks together. Read more at The Knot

Afterward, a second fitting is necessary to follow up on the recommended changes. Moreover, you’ll need to ensure you are comfy in your dream dress.

NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh


Your face is obviously very important and irreplaceable. So, choosing the right make-up goes without saying. How to get the best looks is as easy as avoiding these mistakes.

Mistake: Not doing a trial run
A practice test will allow you to decide if the makeup artist is right for you. “There are so many factors that influence your choice of a makeup artist, from their personality to their aesthetic to their ability to execute the type of makeup you desire,” says Glamsquad artistic director Kelli J. Bartlett. “A road test ensures you find the right match.”

Mistake: Wearing dramatic makeup when you normally don’t
Your wedding day is not the time for your makeup artist to experiment with a bold new look, especially if you typically don’t wear much makeup. “You can take your makeup up a step, but keep it in tune with how you usually do your makeup, so you look like you on your wedding day, not someone people won’t recognize!” says celebrity makeup artist Molly Greenwald. Read more at Brides

As a rule of thumb, too much of anything is bad. Some moderation never hurts and seeing it before your big day is very important.

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Your hairstyle and make-up are two sides of a coin. If you can do a trial of your makeup and hairstyle together, go for it.

By the time you go to your wedding hair trial and wedding makeup trial, your big day outfit and accessories plan should be set in stone. If it isn’t yet, postpone your trial! This is because your bridal hair and makeup should perfectly complement your dress, and your accessories should perfectly complement everything else—not to mention, stylists work with accessories and dress lines as tools of their trade!

“I also always encourage my brides to bring in photos of their dress,” says Colleen. “What if the back of your dress is supremely stunning? We may have a hairstyle suggestion that works best for it.” Or if you plan on wearing a veil, your stylist will want design a look that incorporates it perfectly. Read more at Wedding Wire

These trials exist to help you see your final look, and each element — the dress, makeup and hairstyle — is important.

As always, the bridal consultants at New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh are ready to help you choose the perfect wedding dress. The one that will work with your makeup design and hairstyle to create a picture-perfect look. The best part is you can come in and browse for it at any time, because we never require an appointment. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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