Indulge your inner princess with your wedding dress


Indulge your inner princess with your wedding dress

Choosing your wedding attire may be something you have fantasized about since you were small. After all, this is your special, romantic day and it is vital that you look and feel the part. Whether you are truly opting for a ballgown style dress or prefer a different silhouette, indulge your inner princess with your wedding dress.

Radiate confidence

This ceremony represents your union with your beloved and the start of the rest of your lives together as Mr. and Mrs. The very last thing you want to project is being fidgety and uncomfortable. While it can be tempting to try on wedding dresses that are the latest rage (and by all means do this) be sure to choose a gown that suits your personality at the end of the day. For example, if you are going to be the life of the party and the last one off of the dance floor, wearing a dress you can boogie in is essential. If you are normally a conservative dresser, having a plunging neckline may not be within your comfort zone.

Know your limits

While ordering your dress four sizes smaller than you currently are does make a statement of commitment to lose those few extra pounds, this scenario can dramatically backfire. Losing weight happens differently for everyone. Perhaps your bust will shrink dramatically or your hips will slim down more than you originally planned. It can be difficult to predetermine your size with guesswork. There is nothing wrong with ordering the size that fits you today and prioritizing alterations in the future. This gives you time from ordering until the dress arrives to stick to your diet and exercise plan. By the time you have your first fitting, you will be able to gauge your progress and your expectations more accurately.

Love thyself

Sadly, too many brides-to-be don’t enjoy their dress shopping experience as much as they should because they’re much too hard on themselves. It can be difficult to try on wedding gowns with a 360-degree mirror. Most ladies have not seen every angle of themselves in traditional changing rooms. Remember, you are in the salon because your soulmate loves you the way you are and asked for your hand with the intent of growing old with you. This person loves you just the way you are right this moment, not twenty pounds less from now. Keep a cool head and be easy on yourself. A real princess loves herself on the inside and the outside.

Timing is everything

Most women don’t feel so princessy during their cycle. Hopefully, you have picked a wedding date well clear of when your monthly visitor is due to arrive. Try to plan the rest of your outings and shopping trips including wedding dress shopping in a similar fashion. You will feel less than pretty trying on gowns while you are bloated and uncomfortable. Opinions may be taken the wrong way during PMS and your objective personality and positive attitude might be on vacation that week. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and avoid booking any important appointments during your cycle.

The main takeaway is this: Everyone can and should look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. You just need to define what the term means to you and go from there. Does it mean an extra poufy gown? Lots of crystals? Tiaras and extravagant hair accessories? Tall shoes or ballet flats? Take a few minutes to determine where to best spend your energy to achieve the day of your dreams.

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