The Help You Need To Weigh Your Options As You Choose Your Wedding Suit

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The Help You Need To Weigh Your Options As You Choose Your Wedding Suit

The popular narrative is that men don’t really care about their attire. Also, the other common assumption is that a man is unlikely to get anxious about what they wear to their wedding. Well, let’s just say that that’s a misconception. Moreover, it’s a sly way of telling men that they shouldn’t care about their wedding look. But this notion needs to be thrown out the window. Is there a wedding without both the bride and the groom? So, why should one of the parties have little concern for their outfit? If you’re a guy who’s planning for a wedding, please, it’s your day too! Make the most of it.

A Special Tux

Perhaps you’ve been considering wearing a tuxedo. You’ve concluded that your wedding is that “once-in-a-lifetime” event and you won’t waste it. Well, have you considered doing a tux in a different way?

 Unique tuxedos. Not every tuxedo has to be the classic black jacket and pants with a crisp white shirt beneath. These days, more grooms are showcasing their personalities and preferences by wearing tuxedos in a variety of colors, including shades of gray and blue. Even tan tuxedos have made an appearance at weddings. One of the more unique twists on the tuxedo look is the “Tropical Black Tie.” You’ve probably seen it before in the movies or on the red carpet. A tropical black tie features a white dinner jacket over a white shirt with black pants and a black tie. The jacket typically includes one button front and self flap pockets. Suits will typically give you a lot more color and style options, so if you want to create a bold look that is all you, a suit might offer you more fashion freedom. Read more at The Knot

You can give yourself a nice treat by investing in a tux with a unique design.

A Special Suit

For a classic wedding, a tuxedo is the first idea that many will consider. Yes, it’s an option that’s sure to stand out. Moreover, if it’ll be your first, you’ll feel extra special. But is this the only option to consider?

For wedding suits, we recommend making a “three-piece suit,” meaning the suit includes a vest/waistcoat.

A waistcoat is a more formal representation for a gentleman’s style. Since a wedding is a big occasion, the groom will be expected to dress formal and presentable.

Besides, no matter Chinese traditional weddings or western weddings, there is one thing the newly-weds can’t avoid – greeting and drinking with the guests. So, if you decide to take off the jacket, wearing a waistcoat will be easier to move around for you, but still, look formally dressed.

A waistcoat will help cover your belly, if you have one. But please note: you can’t wear your leather belt when you wear a waistcoat; wear braces or use an adjustable belt instead. Read more at Principle M

There’s something fantastic about a waistcoat that’s well fitting. You can’t afford to miss out on its magic.

An Array of Choices

Did you know that the kind of theme you choose for your wedding can either limit your choices or increase them? For example, a classic wedding requires a certain level of formality. However, if you tweak that theme a bit, you have lots of options at your disposal.

Increasingly popular these days is the cocktail dress code for weddings. This leaves the groom with plenty of options to choose from due to the semi relaxed theme of the wedding. With plenty of options to choose from this can leave the groom with opportunities to pair the wrong colours. Not to worry we are here to help you navigate through the plethora of options and choose the right colour for your weddings theme.

Navy & Grey are both a great choice for the cooler months.  Both colours work well with burgundy, green and cobalt which are popular colour choice for bridesmaids’ dresses. Both these colours are also the most dressed up suiting options (compared to black tie), this is a great option if you still want a traditional look but not a formal / black tie style wedding.

Lighter shades of Blue also look great for cocktail weddings, especially those outdoors or in the warmer months. You can also pair this style blue with chinos to give it more of a casual cocktail look. Read more at Suit Vault

For you to pull this theme off, you need to agree with your wife-to-be. Once you win her over, you’re good to go.

We believe there’s a lot to gain when a bride and groom can shop together. That’s why New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh exists. We have all you need under one roof. Additionally, we know that you two need all the time you can get to spend together. Drop by our salon today!

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