Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Dress


Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

You’re planning your big day and the next thing on the list is “wedding dress shopping.” You can’t wait to try on all those beautiful dresses — it’s going to be so much fun, right? Yes, for sure — just give yourself some time beforehand to think about a few key matters and make decisions. This post will get you off to a great start.

Choose The Dress After The Venue


It may sound crazy but the venue of your wedding should come first. Why? It determines the style that is appropriate. For example, a ball gown wedding is not suitable for an outdoor wedding. However, a boho wedding dress would be perfect for the occasion.

Before booking your bridal salon appointments, make sure you know the type of wedding you’re planning and where. “Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but if you purchase a low-key gown and you end up booking the Plaza, you may wish you went bigger and bolder, with the venue in mind,” says Ashley Douglass, owner and creative director of Ashley Douglass Events. Read more at Brides

Similarly, if your wedding venue is indoor but has a lot of room for dancing, your dress should be appropriate. A fit and flare or trumpet design may just be right for all the movement. So, select the venue first.

Choosing To Please Others


This may not be a problem for the assertive bride. However, if you are one who is given to making people happy at your own expense, this is not the time for it. After all, you are the one who will wear the dress, not the people you try to please.

While input from family and friends can be helpful, Reese says it can also make things more difficult and confusing. Your wedding dress is yours, which means you should get something you feel best in. “One of the most frustrating aspects of the business is when a bride falls in love with a dress and then brings in her support group and they tell the bride they don’t like it.”

Luckily, consultants are absolute pros when it comes to sticky situations. Reese says your consultant can find another dress that makes the whole group happy—but she says brides should trust their gut feeling. “I don’t think nay-sayers always have the bride’s best intentions in mind, sometimes I think her first choice really was the one.” Read more at The Knot

This also comes down to who you choose to accompany you for your wedding dress shopping. Avoid those skeptical and difficult aunts. Choose a friend or two who you know will have your back.

Choosing With or Without Compromises

The strange thing about wedding dress shopping is you’ll almost always never find exactly what you hoped for. You’ll either get something way better than you anticipated or have to tone down your wishes. A good balance will do the trick.

There are areas where you can compromise on your dress, and areas where you can’t. Brides who don’t make any other dress shopping mistakes can fall prey to making too many (or not enough) compromises on their wedding dress. One thing you really shouldn’t compromise on is the price; make a budget for your dress and stick to it. Don’t despair if it seems you won’t find your dream dress in your price range. Hold out for a dress in your price range that makes you look and feel beautiful; everything else will follow. Read more at Wedding Forward

This is where bridal consultants come into the picture. They have all the helpful tips you need to get a dress you’ll absolutely love. So, choose a bridal salon where the consultants are invested in ensuring you leave with a smile on your face.

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