Celebrating Luxurious Lace at NYB&G of Raleigh


Celebrating Luxurious Lace at NYB&G of Raleigh

Essense Designs, style d2342: French lace captivates under embroidered lace, with sculpting at the waist. A dramatic train and halter neckline add drama from start to finish. Celebrate lace in this contemporary, fashion forward design from Essense of Australia. Available colors: Ivory/Ivory Tulle Illusion, Ivory/Java Tulle Illusion, Ivory/ Porcelain Illusion, White/Java Tulle Illusion, White/Porcelain Tulle Illusion, White/White Tulle Illusion.

Loving lace doesn’t mean looking like you’re revealing your inner Grandma at your wedding. Today’s bridal designers have experimented with this ancient fabric style to produce some gorgeous new ways to use it. White lace has traditionally been the wedding choice, however, in recent years a variety of expressive shades have taken the spotlight. New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh has an exceptional array of new, lace inspired styles to make you fall in love all over again.

Read more about the history of bridal lace below:

Even in Western society today, we continue to hold this tradition in high esteem, because white lace is synonymous with purity, innocence and new beginnings. Rare is the actual virgin bride, but white lace for the bride? Absolutely. For some, even for weddings one, two, and three. The point is no longer the acknowledgment of virginity and purity, but the purity of a new beginning in a woman’s life with a new partner. All that implied with a bit of white lace. More details at Grit and Glamour

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Watters by Wtoo, style Catherine: This glamorous sweetheart gown offers eye-catching lacy detailing within the bodice, providing a delightful contrast with the flowing skirt. Available sizes: 00-32W. Available colors: Shown in Rosegold, available in a variety of shades.

Straps, Cap Sleeves, Halters and Every Option In Between

NYB&G Raleigh offers numerous wedding dress and bridesmaid gown options for lace lovers in the Triangle and beyond. Enjoy the endless possibilities that come from incorporating a little lace all the way to embellishing the entire gown with it. There is an elegant magic to the material that is perfect for every style and taste. If you are yearning for a timeless wedding style, look no further.

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Allure Bridals, style 9377: This lacy sheath wedding dress offers exceptional detailing and artistic intricacy. The illusion neckline and ethereal sleeves add up to a sweet style with ultimate elegance. Available sizes: 2-32. Available colors: Ivory/Gold and Ivory.

Which Lace Do You Love?

There are many traditional lace designs or contemporary options to choose from. Which style suits your skin type and desire? Learn about different styles of lace from the following informative post:

  • Chantilly or Galloon Lace: Possibly the best known type of lace is very fine and delicate and is made on a lightweight hexagonal mesh background. The motifs are sometimes outlined in a heavier silky thread or exhibit shading effects. Chantilly laces normally have doubles scalloped edges. Kate Middelton’s royal wedding dress was made of a type of Chantilly lace.
  • Beaded Lace:Especially popular in the last 12 months, the type of lace is embellished with beads, crystals and sequins to produce a slightly antique look. They often have a scalloped edge.
  • Corded Lace: These laces are elegant and originally were made exclusively in Northern France. Also known as Alencon lace, they are formed by outlining areas in the lace using a heavier thread or cord, giving these laces a three dimensional look. They are generally fine, light and floaty and make beautiful wedding dresses.
  • Guipure Lace: This lace always has a continuous motif, which creates a denser pattern than with other laces. It is normally quite a firm feeling lace and commonly contains a floral or geometric design. One of the earliest types of lace, it is also sometimes known as Venetian Lace. Continue reading at Wedding Dresses I Love

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh is the premier bridal salon in the Triangle with a selection of designer wedding dresses that is unmatched in the region. Come browse our 17,000 sq.ft. luxury salon at your convenience (no appointment needed) and let our full staff of knowledgeable bridal consultants help you find “The One.”

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