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Bridesmaid Dresses, Raleigh NC

Thanks to our phenomenal customer service, competitive pricing and outstanding designer selection, we dress a lot of brides here at NYB&G of Raleigh. After our clients find their perfect wedding gowns, it’s only a few steps to our bridesmaid department to select the dress (or dresses) that will be the ideal complement. We have 12 bridesmaid dressing rooms so we can accommodate all of your ladies with ease.

Whatever style (or range of styles) you have in mind, we are almost certain to have it. Our wide selection of bridesmaid dresses includes the industry’s top designers and showcases a variety of styles, colors and cuts. We have no doubt that each member of your bridal party will feel spectacular standing beside you in one of our gorgeous dresses.

Keep in mind that the makers of many of our lines will personalize your bridesmaids’ dresses with customizations that can include straps, optional body styles, colors and fabrications. You can make use of these changes to maintain a cohesive look within your bridal party while still giving everyone their own unique opportunity to shine.

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We are happy to oversee the process for your bridesmaids’ dress orders. We provide the personal touch each bridesmaid deserves while coordinating for the entire bridal party. All of this plus the ease of ordering online — it couldn’t be simpler.
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Check out our exceptional selection of Bridesmaid Dresses

After Six Bridesmaids

This exquisite collection features a mixture of contemporary and elegant dresses for your bridesmaids. These affordable options are popular choices due to their high quality perfection.

After Six Website

Alfred Sung Bridesmaids

Alfred Sung is renowned for offering brilliantly tailored beauty. This top-notch design house offers affordable styles in a multitude of contemporary cuts and fresh colors.

Alfred Sung Website

Bill Levkoff Bridesmaids

Bold colors and exciting fabrics are hallmark features of Bill Levkoff designs. There is a style to suit everyone in this expansive and always gorgeous collection.

Bill Levkoff Website

Dessy Bridesmaids

Stylish designs, spectacular fabrics and unmatched construction are the reasons Dessy Bridesmaids have an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Dessy Bridesmaids Website

Dzage Bridesmaids

Delivering exquisite dresses that won’t break the bank is always a top goal for the creative team behind Dzage. Season after season they manage to deliver.

Dzage Website

Mori Lee Bridesmaids

Elegant, timeless design has catapulted Mori Lee dresses to the highest levels of popularity. Enjoy sophisticated cuts, vibrant colors and a selection that is second to none.

Mori Lee Website


Social Bridesmaids

Fashion forward designs, detailed silhouettes and an obvious understanding of women’s bodies have earned Social Bridesmaids its longstanding, sterling reputation.

Social Bridesmaid Website


Sorella Vita Bridesmaids

This beloved Australian manufacturer blends perfection and personality in a seamless way. This is eye-catching, modern designs available at exceptional prices.

Sorella Vita Bridesmaids Website


Wtoo Bridesmaids

Wtoo offers a variety of fabulous dresses with something to suit every member of your bridal party. From sweet and sassy cuts to luxurious floor-length gowns, the choices overflow.
Wtoo Website

Tips for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses

Selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the major decisions you will make as you plan your wedding. For some ladies, it is also among the most stressful activities. Finding a dress style or design that is satisfactory and flattering to all of your bridesmaids forces you to balance their wishes and needs with your own vision for your wedding day. It can be a challenge — but following a few key tips can make the process easier.

Here are a few suggestions from New York Bride & Groom for choosing the best bridesmaids dresses.

Take a look at your own dress. Think about your wedding gown and the overall theme or style of your wedding. Is it modern, traditional or something all your own? Whatever it is, it’s important to make sure that your bridesmaids’ dresses fit stylistically. If you’re wearing a bohemian lace gown at the ceremony, your maids will look odd standing beside you in formal taffeta dresses. Keeping everything to a similar tone is crucial.

Next, think about color. For example, taupe and blush are popular bridesmaid dress colors. However, they don’t suit every skin tone, which could leave some of your ladies unhappy. You might try asking your maids if there is a color they hate on themselves. If you limit your search to dress colors that make the grade with all or most of your bridesmaids, you may be able to eliminate a problem before it arises.

Similarly, color is also important when you consider the season and time of day. The date of the wedding should certainly be a factor in your wedding day decisions. Consider winter and fall tones, spring shades and summer splashes of color as well as the rising and falling temperatures to help guide your bridesmaid dress choices. Search for colors, materials and cuts that are appropriate for the specific season of your wedding. The differences between day and evening nuptials should also be kept in mind.

Finally, mix it up — but with a unifying theme. One of the hottest, current bridesmaid dress trends is almost certainly the simplest way to satisfy everyone. Brides are increasingly opting for a common, uniting theme for a variety of dresses rather than actually requiring everyone to wear the same dress. For example, all of the garments may be the same color or have a common embellishment that makes them look similar, but they are not identical dresses. This trend allows for a great deal of flexibility, which will no doubt please your maids.

New York Bride & Groom will help you find the perfect fashion forward dresses for your bridesmaids. We are the premier bridal shop in Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle area.

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