Bridal Accessories: Future Family Heirlooms


Bridal Accessories: Future Family Heirlooms

It’s easy to get caught up in wedding dress shopping. For many brides, all else is on hold until the stunning bridal gown of their dreams has been secured. And that’s really how it should be. There’s no great way to plan hair, shoes, jewelry, undergarments and accessories ahead of the dress.

Shop Wisely

Your bridal accessories are typically one of the last items to consider. More brides are opting for less bling and taking a more natural approach. Others prefer to let their inner princess shine. Decide on the items that will complete the silhouette and overall style you are aiming for.

Headpieces and veils are special wedding day items that very easy to preserve. You may decide to keep them to pass down to your own children one day, making them a worthy investment.

bel-aire-veil-anemonesRomantic French Net and Lace Veils

Some dresses do not work with a long flowing veil and some brides don’t either! If meters of extra fabric swirling around your shoulders, waist or ankles isn’t what you envision; no worries. Shorter lace veils such as the two distinctly different styles from Bel Aire Bridal showcase a nostalgic yet sultry option.

French Net With Flower Trio

Elevate your look to the next level with a sassy, sophisticated French net veil! Softened by three blooming anemones, this dramatic symbol of love brings trendy, feminine fashion and panache to your big day! Watch jaws drop with this stunning, fresh embellishment made to top off your knock-out dress. He’ll love your style! From Bel Aire Bridal

Consider how easy it would be to incorporate the above blooming anemones into a special keepsake. Perhaps you don’t want to pack your gorgeous accessories up for years to pass on and would prefer enjoying them everyday. Many head pieces look great attached to candle holders or glued onto wreaths or mirrors. The possibility of extending the lifetime of your accessories is priceless.

bel-aire french-net-veil

French net face veil

Adore vintage elegance? Embrace a lovely French net face veil simply dripping with style! Fastened with sparkling rhinestone side clips, this light luxury piece adds a touch of chic allure to the fashion-savvy bride. Perfect with a sheath dress or old-fashioned gown. See more at Bel Aire Bridal

The luxurious rhinestone clip on this head piece has tremendous potential to be passed down for generations. Perhaps you start a family tradition and wear it on your wedding anniversary or fashion it into a clip to cherish on a daily basis.

Cathedral Elegance

The following bridal veil tips from Laura Jayne offer some excellent advice. Having some preferences is great; however, be willing to stay open-minded and try on styles of veils and headpieces that you never considered to assess all possibilities.


Joyce Double Millinery Ribbon Border Chapel Veil

Our signature oval chapel cut veil is finished with a beautiful double border of horse hair ribbon for a modern, dimensional effect. Read more at Laura Jayne

Veil Tips

  • A Bride’s wedding veil will add that final romantic and mysterious touch. As unique as every Bride is, is as unique as the veil should be. Our design team creates shapes and lengths that are often as “remembered” as the gown itself.
  • A longer veil in a cathedral length will make the Bride look taller, and give her a more sleek and slimming silhouette, while fingertip or hip length can shorten her look by drawing a line across her hips. Our team suggests that for petite or slim Brides we design the veil in a narrower width and for fuller figured Brides we use a wider width.
  • The Bride should carefully look at the effect of the veil on the back of her dress ensuring it does not hide important details from the design.
  • Get some sparkle on that veil! Brides with a plain train can add great detail with custom bead work or embroidery on the veil.

Hair Accessory and Tiara Tips

  • If you have a wide face or forehead, never wear a hair band style. Rather consider using something slightly higher in the center, that will give your face a more oval shape…
  • Of course the opposite is also very important…if you have a long or narrow face, consider a comb shape, not too high in the center. Let your eyes sparkle!

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