Tips For a Completely Amazing Boho Wedding Look

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Tips For a Completely Amazing Boho Wedding Look

Have you been dreaming of a one-of-a-kind wedding? One where everything will be special and unique? Are you tired of all the “wedding trends”? Do they all seem bland and boring to you? You may want to consider a bohemian wedding. This is one wedding plan that you can explore for a unique wedding that stands out. Here are some ideas for making your day extra special.

Boho Wedding Dress

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The centerpiece is the main attraction on a dining table arrangement. In the same way, the bride in her wedding dress is the wedding day’s main attraction. So if you have been looking for a wedding gown style that will do this and more, a boho wedding dress fits the bill.

Down with the big crinolines and corsets too tight, the boho look opts for aerial outfits in fluid fabrics that let the body move as it feels! Brides want to feel comfortable in their dress to enjoy their day!

Contemporary brides want a more refined look and prioritize noble materials such as silk, silk crepe, crocheted cotton and lace for fluidity with refined details.

It is very rare to find bright colors in bohemian wedding dresses. White, beige or nude are the most used shades for these romantic outfits with a retro touch. Read more at Dream It Yourself…

You’re also likely to find boho dresses with sleeves that are either up to the wrists or three-quarters of the arm length. Moreover, another common feature for boho wedding dresses is a fluid skirt that will enhance your comfort.

Boho Wedding Shoes

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With such an amazing dress that guarantees you the comfortable and unique feel you love, you can’t afford to go wrong with your shoes. So, what shoes should you go for? Are there specific types you should avoid? Find out in the following post:

For a boho wedding dress, wear shoes that are neutral shades of brown, beige, champagne, ivory, or pastel-colors. Look for shoe fabrics that are natural or delicate, such as lace, vegan leather, and silk. Shoes with unique elements that suit the boho bride’s free-spirited personality are ideal.

Shoe styles that look amazing with boho dresses include:
Ankle booties
Peep toe pumps
Comfortable flats
Lace-up block heels
Strappy flat sandals Read more at Wayfairing Weddings…

You are probably squealing with glee just thinking of how you’ll look in this fancy outfit. Who said you have to do your wedding like everyone else? This is your day; make it personal and exciting for yourself – with comfy shoes, of course!

Boho Wedding Hairstyle

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With an amazing dress and comfy shoes, you can’t afford to go wrong with your hairstyle. What works and what doesn’t? Here are some insights:

There’s no question that braids go with boho, so if you have long locks and a free-spirited bridal aesthetic, this hair inspo is for you! Pair a relaxed fit-and-flare wedding dress like Narissa by Sottero and Midgley with loose yet intricate plaits. Think fishtail braid to accentuate your gown’s low neckline, elegant spaghetti straps, or illusion bodice details.
This is a great way to show off curls, glam up straight hair, or work with texture and volume while playing up your gown’s best features. Read more at Maggie Sottero…

Braids, curls, and flowers are a sure bet with a boho look. Moreover, with the freedom of a bohemian wedding, you can choose to let your hair loose and enjoy the moments.

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