Match Your Body Shape To Your Wedding Gown Choice


Match Your Body Shape To Your Wedding Gown Choice

The search for your wedding dress is an exciting experience. It’s also a great reason to hang out with your mom or girlfriends. Thanks to their presence you’ll get an honest opinion of what looks good on you. Even so, the journey could be frustrating especially if you have no idea where to start. So, what are the guidelines to help you in your search? Top on the list is your body shape. This post will discuss three of them; rectangle, apple, and pear-shaped.

The Rectangle-Shaped Bride


The basic description of the rectangular-shape is that your hips, bust, and waist have a similar measurement. Alternatively, these measurements only differ by a maximum of seven inches. This isn’t the time to stress about your body shape. It’s time to flatter it!

A few bridal tips for a rectangle-shaped body!
Create curves. Go for scoop-neck and sweetheart tops which help create curves.
Halter necks and A-symmetrical shoulder details all help to create a more curvy shape.
Fuller busts can opt for a lower neckline.
Smaller busts with this body shape can benefit from a higher or halter neckline, cleverly paired with a stunning low back.
Narrow Rectangle as the more athletic body shape you can create more curves by choosing an A-line or Ballgown skirt. Read more at JRW Bridal…

You can always work with a bridal consultant or designer to help you clear any doubts you may have. That way, you won’t be second-guessing yourself on your big day.

The Pear-Shaped Bride

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Ladies who have the pear shape have small shoulders, a small chest, and a small waist too. However, the lower part of the body is not as small, with their hips and thighs being fuller than their upper body. The pear-shaped bride has several options as described below:

Brides with pear-shaped bodies have a wide range of silhouettes to choose from. They don’t have to feel restricted because their body looks the way it does. The only thing they should stay away from is short gowns. Mini or low-high wedding dresses draw attention to the legs and lower part of the body, which is undesirable if you want to have a balanced silhouette.

If you feel comfortable and want to show off your curves, you can choose a dress with a more fitted skirt, such as a trumpet or a sheath. Keep in mind that if you choose one of these silhouettes you are likely to have more fittings and alterations. Read more at Tina Valerdi…

To flatter your figure, you’ll need to draw the attention away from your lower body. A gown that has a unique design at the top, a cute waist, and a flowing skirt will do the trick for you!

The Apple-Shaped Bride

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To nail it with an apple-shape, all you need to do is pick a dress that creates a balancing effect on your body. This will help you even out the difference between your upper and lower body. Here is a simple guideline:

Typified by: A large bust and tummy but thin legs.
Think: Oprah Winfrey and Drew Barrymore.
Try on: V-necks and sweetheart necklines are figure-flattering. Choose a gown with an empire waist or a gown with straps to support a large bust.
Tricky: The strapless ball gown or one-shoulder styles. Read more at Weddings Today Mag…

Apple-shaped brides could be slim or plus-sized. In either case, the best option is to create a definite waistline. You could choose an A-line, ball gown, or empire dress. Then you can work out the extra details depending on your height.

At New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh, we have an amazing collection of designer wedding gowns for all body shapes. When you come to our salon, you’ll have the advantage of getting professional advice when choosing your wedding gown.

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